The image below links to an infographic PDF of COACHE survey results relating to mentoring. The infographic contains visual information about the COACHE survey results, as well as recommended Resources and Good Practices.

2019 Survey Results

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Faculty Mentoring

2016 Survey Results

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Mentoring Survey Results, Good Practices PDF

Steps Taken

Since the 2016 survey, a number of steps have been taken to enhance mentor training, and access to mentors. These include:

  • Creation of the Center for Mentoring to support professional excellence by encouraging faculty to learn how to be effective mentors and mentees.
  • Launch of the Mentoring Academy, with almost 30 faculty facilitators trained by the National Research Mentoring Network “Train the Trainer” program.
  • Mentorship initiatives across the university including mentorship programs for new faculty, as well ongoing career coaching.
  • Development of Institutional Mentoring Program Across a CommuniTy of Color (IMPACT) program to provide mentorship for faculty of color. Deans and regional campus presidents nominate faculty for the program every other fall.
  • Introduction of Women IN Academic Leadership (WIN-AL) to introduce tenured and appointment-stream mid-career women faculty to leadership training and opportunities to participate in structured peer mentoring.
  • Membership arranged for all faculty to the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (NCFDD), a nationally recognized, organization that provides career development and mentoring resources for faculty including peer mentoring across institutions.