Data Science

The area of data science is one that is considered central the University of Pittsburgh’s forward progress. It is a critical part of industries from education, government, medicine, and engineering to entertainment, science, the arts, humanities and business—touching nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

Academic units around Pitt have initiatives and programming in place teach students and support faculty and staff in the skills, ethics and practical aspects of working with data. Through these efforts, the provost envisions the University community coordinating and collaborating on these activities to leverage the University’s collective ability, jointly build capacity to meet the demand, and foster opportunities for new interdisciplinary educational and research programs. 

Data Science Task Force

The Data Science Task Force was formed by the provost in Fall 2019 as the Ad Hoc Committee on Data Science. The task force was charged with recommending a coordinated strategy to catalyze, nourish, and sustain educational programs and research initiatives that would provide students with the knowledge and skills needed in an increasingly data-oriented world; develop and use data science methods in research; and attract and retain faculty using data and associated methods in their disciplines. Read the final Report of the Data Science Task Force.

Year of Data and Society

The provost named the 2021-22 academic year the Year of Data and Society. The Year Of initiative at Pitt annually elevates important topics of universal interest across the Pitt community. In the announcement, the provost noted that a focus on data and society is perfect for a university setting, where we research, analyze and try to better understand, and improve the world around us. All parts of the University, the announcement noted, collect and use data to offer unique perspectives on how data can contribute to student and faculty success, human well-being, and the greater social good. Read the Year of Data and Society in Review Report

Responsible Data Science

In collaboration with Pitt Research, the Office of the Provost launched the Responsible Data Science website as a dedicated resource about Data Science at Pitt. Content explores a definition of data science, research resources and highlights, and key reports. Additionally it shares related degrees and programs at Pitt—as well as job titles and business sectors that seek graduates with degrees in data science. 

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