Open Educational Resources

The price of a college degree continues to rise. In addition to tuition and fees, course materials, such as textbooks, add to the cost of a student’s education. In January 2018, the University’s Student Government Board passed a resolution supporting expanded use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and open textbooks as a means to control costs. In response to the resolution, a standing committee was formed.


OER Standing Committee

The standing committee in the Office of the Provost will provide a targeted and sustained OER awareness program.

Open Educational Resource Grants

To support the development of open educational resources at the University of Pittsburgh, the Provost provides funding for projects that will enhance the educational experiences of Pitt students and provide these faculty with the ability to customize their course materials. For a list of past awardees, view Open Education Resources Grants Awardees.

View a selection of past projects that have received funding from this grant program in our OER Commons collection.

Course Attribute: Open Educational Resources

University of Pittsburgh students now have the ability to identify classes using open education resources in the Pitt Class Search. If you are using an open education resource in your class, consider adding "open education resources materials" to the class attributes field when entering your class information.