Provost Office Social Media Directory

The listing below flags all social media accounts owned and managed by the Office of the Provost. These pages share program information, events, resources and achievements related to specific audiences with the Pitt community.

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Office of the Provost Channels

LinkedIn: University of Pittsburgh Office of the Provost

X: @PittProvost

Faculty Diversity & Development Channels

Facebook: PittFDD

Instagram: pitt_fdd

LinkedIn: Pitt Faculty Diversity & Development

X: @PittFDD

Graduate Studies

Instagram: pittgradstudies

X: @PittGradStudies

Pre-Health Resource Center Channels

Facebook: University of Pittsburgh Pre-Health Resource Center

Instagram: pittphrc

LinkedIn: University of Pittsburgh Pre- Health Resource Center

TikTok: pittprehealth

X: @PittPre

Student Success/Undergraduate Studies Channels

Instagram: pittstudentsuccesshub

University Educational Outreach Center

Facebook: PittEOC

Instagram: pitteducationaloutreach

TikTok: pitteoc