Where to Find Help in the OER Development Process

Faculty can use the table below to see which Pitt areas are available to help with questions you may have throughout the OER  development process. 

  Stage   Example Questions Teaching  Center   Libraries  Bookstore 
Introduction What is an OER? 

Why would I want to use or make one?
Funding Where can I apply for funding to make / adopt OER?

How can I improve my OER-related project proposal?
X X  
Discovery What OER or free resources exist in my subject area?   X X
Identification Is this thing actually an OER? 

If not, is it still free for students to access?
Licensing What is a Creative Commons license?

How may I use, change, and share this OER?

How may others use, change, and share my OER?
Evaluation How do I evaluate whether an educational resource is likely to be effective for my learning objectives? X    
Creation How do I create an effective educational resource?

How do I modify an existing educational resource to be more effective?
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion How do I make an educational resource on any topic more diverse, equitable, and inclusive? X X  
Course Integration How do I effectively integrate an educational resource into my course? X    
Sharing How can I make my existing resource into an OER?

Where/how can I publish/share the OER I have created?
Communication How do I make my students or prospective students aware that my course uses OERs?     X
Assessment of Learning How do I assess whether an educational resource is effective in supporting my students' learning?

How do I apply this knowledge to improving the educational resource?


Teaching Center: Pre-Consultation Survey Form

Libraries: ULS-OER@pitt.edu

Bookstore: Jvb9@pitt.edu