The image below links to an infographic PDF of COACHE survey results relating to teaching. The infographic contains visual information about the COACHE survey results, as well as recommended Resources and Good Practices.

2019 Survey Results

COACHE Survey Results on Teaching infographic

2016 Survey Results

Teaching Survey Results infographic

Steps Taken

The Office of the Provost is committed to advancing teaching excellence across the University and works in conjunction with the University Center for Teaching and Learning to do so. By networking with faculty, department/division chairs, deans, and campus presidents through groups like the Teaching Partners, the Teaching and Learning Exchange, and the Council of Deans, the Center for Teaching and Learning is able to provide services that have the greatest impact on our teaching mission.  

During 2017–2018, University Center for Teaching and Learning staff worked with more than 4,000 faculty across academic disciplines, and more than 1,200 faculty participated in at least one of the many pedagogy and technology workshops offered by the center.

Faculty are embracing educational technologies, with 74% using the learning management system, CourseWeb. The center also successfully launched a new initiative, Open Lab, this past year, resulting in innovative projects, such as students using 360-degree videos to document their study abroad experiences. And over 100 faculty have joined one of our new faculty learning communities, which take them on an in-depth exploration of a teaching topic.

The University Center for Teaching and Learning also supports innovation in teaching through the Innovation in Education grants and the Course Incubator grants.