Recognition and Appreciation of Faculty


The University of Pittsburgh is dedicated in its appreciation and recognition of Pitt’s excellent and diverse faculty. The University strives to ensure its high-quality and vibrant faculty are appropriately recognized for their strong efforts and exceptional contributions in the areas of teaching, research, service, diversity and inclusion, and more.

COACHE survey results in 2016 indicated that 67% of Pitt faculty members are satisfied with the recognition they receive from their colleagues.

Steps Taken

To further enhance Pitt’s recognition and appreciation of faculty, the Office of the Provost created a competitive new award, the Provost’s Award for Diversity in the Curriculum, in 2017. Five faculty won the inaugural award, and each received a plaque and a $1,000 cash award.

The Office of the Provost also supports the Institutions Developing Excellence in Academic Leadership – National (IDEAL-N) project to seed gender equity among the faculty. IDEAL-N, in conjunction with the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Concerns (PACWC), held the second annual Celebration of Newly Promoted Women Faculty on March 1, 2018, to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women faculty across the University. 

PACWC’s Spotlight on Women Leaders initiative was launched to celebrate, share, and inspire women’s leadership across the University of Pittsburgh. The goal of the Spotlight program is to honor women mentors, role models, and leaders who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of the Pitt community through personal and professional effort. By celebrating a diverse and inclusive group of University of Pittsburgh women leaders—faculty, staff, and students—we hope to encourage other women to aspire to leadership roles. View the Spotlight on Women Leaders videos.

Many units across the University recognize faculty excellence.