Diversity and Inclusion: Teaching Practices


The image below links to an infographic PDF of COACHE survey results relating to perceptions of diversity in teaching practices, as well as a summary of resources to support diversity and inclusion in the classroom.

2016 Results

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diversity in teaching practices infographic

Steps Taken

The University of Pittsburgh has a long and rich history of diversity in curriculum programming, including the innovative Faculty Diversity Seminar, a program that began in 1995, and the Diversity 2020 Summit held in 2014 to renew and reestablish the principles of diversity awareness across the curriculum. Following these successful initiatives, a number of programs have been introduced across the University to increase faculty awareness about diversity and inclusion, to enhance the ability of faculty to build course materials that reflect diversity, and to create an inclusive environment in the classroom.

For example, the Provost’s Diversity Institute for Faculty Development was created in 2015 to offer faculty the opportunity to increase awareness about diversity and develop skills needed to teach in a diverse, multicultural environment. The Diversity Institute is offered each year during May and June. Past programming has included interactive theatre and discussion on race relations, a workshop on the role of unconscious bias in classroom pedagogy and dynamics, a session on creating an open learning environment for LBGTQIA students, and a seminar on race in America. 

The Extended Diversity Experience provides faculty a year-long opportunity to explore the literature on diversity, consider the implications for teaching, and substantively redesign a course to reflect diversity and inclusion. 

Other programming includes the popular Understanding Our Students series of panel discussions of students from different populations, as well as workshops, lectures, and book and film discussions. Information on these and other initiatives can be found on the University Center for Teaching and Learning website.

Schools and campuses across Pitt have also introduced programming around diversity in the curriculum and inclusion in the classroom.