Tenure and Promotion Processes


The images below link to infographic PDFs of COACHE survey results relating to tenure and promotion. Each one contains visual information about the COACHE survey results, as well as recommended Resources and Good Practices.

2019 Survey Results

Tenure Guidelines and Expectations  Promotion from Associate Professor to Full Professor

2016 Survey Results

Tenure Guidelines and Expectations Infographic  Promotion from associate professor to full professor infographic

Steps Taken

Since the 2016 survey, a number of steps have been taken to clarify tenure and promotion processes for all faculty. 

The Office of the Provost has worked with partners across the University to: 

  • Clarify career pathways and promotion processes for appointment stream faculty.
  • Review unit-level promotion criteria to ensure expectations for promotion are clear.
  • Introduce a range of mentorship efforts to complement existing mentoring programs, assisting faculty as they navigate the challenges and opportunities in their career progression.
  • Offer annual professional development workshops for faculty and chairs including undertaking effective performance reviews, and understanding tenure and promotion processes.
  • Support the efforts of the Faculty Affairs committee of the Senate to develop revised guidelines for annual performance reviews, indicating a faculty member’s progress toward promotion and providing concrete recommendations about factors that may affect promotion.