Support Resources

The University of Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of resources, programs, and initiatives to support students, postdocs, faculty and staff who identify as women. Additional recommendations from outside organizations and institutions are also included.

Caregiving across the Lifespan

Juggling career and family commitments can sometimes be a challenge. We have wonderful resources available to all employees here at Pitt. The University of Pittsburgh and PACWC are committed to helping our most valuable resources—our people. The resources and links below can help you find a healthy balance between work and the rest of your life.

Office of Human Resources - Child and Family Care

Find more information on Child and Family Care resources, including: 

  • Covid-19 Child Care Resources
  • Partnership
  • Boys & Girls Club Partnership
  • University Child Development Center
  • Life Solutions - the University's Faculty and Staff Assistance Program
  • Caring for Family at All Stages of Life
  • Parents-To-Be and New Parents
  • Leaves of Absence and Time Off

Additional Pitt Resources

Other Resources​


University Resources and Programs 

Office of the Provost Programs

Additional Resources

Health and Wellness

PACWC identifies and works on projects related to strengthening the environment for women at Pitt.

Resources for Faculty

Resources for Students

Resources for Staff

Leadership Initiatives and Resources at Other Institutions


The University of Pittsburgh recognizes the importance of mentoring throughout our organization. Here, PACWC provides our community with content and resources to find mentoring opportunities that will support growth and professional development.

Center for Mentoring, University Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Mentoring serves as a central resource to support professional excellence by encouraging growth and development of faculty as mentors, scholars, and teachers.
Center for Mentoring resources include: 

Office of the Provost Resources

Additional Mentoring Resources

Other Mentoring Programs at Pitt

Other Mentoring Resources

Mentoring at Other Institutions

Policies and Guidelines

Family Friendly

Promotion/Tenure/Professional Development

Sexual Misconduct

All University of Pittsburgh policies are available at the Office of Policy Development and Management.

Additional academic policies and guidelines can be found on the Office of the Provost Policies & Guidelines page.

The Faculty Handbook comprises University policies and procedures that directly impact the work of Pitt faculty members. 

Policies and guidelines related to research efforts at Pitt can be found through the Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Research.