Committee Membership List 2018-2019


  • Laurie Kirsch, Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, Development, and Diversity, Office of the Provost
  • Pam Connelly, Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion, Office of the Chancellor


  • Yu Cheng, Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
  • Paula Clemens, Professor, Department of Neurology, School of Medicine
  • Sabina Deitrick, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
  • Jacqueline Horrall, Vice President for Academic Affairs, University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg
  • Melanie Hughes, Professor, Department of Sociology, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
  • Nancy Niemczyk, Assistant Professor, Department of Health Promotion and Development, School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Shang, Professor, Katz Graduate School of Business
  • Christel Temple, Associate Professor, Department of Africana Studies, Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences
  • Dana Thompson Dorsey, Associate Professor, Center for Urban Education, School of Education


  • Julie Bannister, Director, Customer Experience and Business Systems, Panther Central
  • Cynthia Golden, Director, University Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Tenecia Ross, Labor Relations Specialist, Employee/Labor Relations, Office of Human Resources
  • Jessica Sun, Exchange Program Manager & Graduate Fellowships Advisor, Study Abroad Office, University Center for International Studies


  • Maura Barron, Regional Campus Representative
  • Jessica Hessler, Graduate and Professional Student Government
  • Maggie Kennedy, Student Government Board
  • Kristine Ojala, Graduate and Professional Student Government
  • Heather Roesinger, Collegiate Panhellenic Association