Accreditation Timeline 2020-2022

The Self-Study timetable begins with the formation of the Steering Committee and Working Groups in the summer of 2020 through the Evaluation Team visit and reaffirmation of accreditation in the spring of 2022. Major steps through this process are outlined below.  

August–September 2020

  • Steering Committee and Working Groups formed
  • Self-Study Design developed and reviewed

September–October 2020

  • Steering Committee meets to discuss and approve Self-Study Design
  • Self-Study Design submitted to Middle States
  • MSCHE liaison conducts Self-Study preparation visit
  • Self-Study Design accepted

Fall 2020–Spring 2021

  • Working Groups meet
  • Working Group Chairs update the Steering Committee monthly

Spring–Summer 2021

  • Priorities Working Groups submit reports to Steering Committee
  • MSCHE selects Evaluation Team Chair
  • Team Chair and Pitt select dates for the Evaluation Team Chair’s preliminary visit and the Evaluation Team visit
  • Pitt sends Self-Study Design to the Evaluation Team Chair

Fall-Winter 2021

  • Steering Committee develops draft Self-Study
  • Pitt community reviews draft Self-Study
  • Board of Trustees Academic Affairs and Libraries Committee reviews Self-Study
  • Pitt submits draft Self-Study to Evaluation Team Chair prior to Chair’s visit
  • Evaluation Team Chair makes preliminary visit to Pitt
  • Self-Study, Evidence Inventory, and Institutional Federal Compliance Report revised and finalized

Spring 2022

  • Pitt submits final Self-Study, Evidence Inventory, and Institutional Federal Compliance Report via the portal for the review by the Evaluation Team and MSCHE liaison six weeks prior to visit
  • Evaluation Team visits
  • Receive the Evaluation Team report
  • Reply to the Evaluation Team report

June 2022

  • Receive Reaffirmation of Accreditation from MSCHE