COVID-19 Faculty Survey Spring 2020

COVID-19 has impacted every member of the University community. As the world navigates a new normal, one thing will not change: The University of Pittsburgh is committed to providing faculty and students with the tools and resources necessary to fulfill its mission of education, research, and community impact.

So that the University can understand the perspective and feelings of faculty members during this time, in May 2020 faculty were asked to complete a survey that asks about the impact of COVID-19 on their experience. The survey will provide important information about resources and support, research and scholarly work, and teaching and technology, and communication. Faculty feedback is essential as the University develops plans, policies, and procedures for the time ahead.

The COVID-19 Faculty Survey was administered via Qualtrics to active full-time faculty from all schools and campuses. It was also sent to part-time regular and temporary faculty who taught at least one course in spring 2020.

Survey Results and Key Findings

Click on the images below to view key survey results: Overall, Research, and Teaching and Technology.

infographic showing key results from COVID-19 Faculty Survey   Infographic showing key COVID-19 Faculty Survey results related to research   Infographic showing key COVID-19 Faculty Survey results related to teaching and technology

Or view the summary of responses to the COVID-19 Faculty Survey.

Survey Period and Timeline

The survey response period was open May 7–24, 2020.

Survey invitation from Provost Ann E. Cudd and Vice Provost Laurie Kirsch sent May 7, 2020.

Reminder email from Vice Provost Kirsch sent May 14, 2020.

Second reminder email from Vice Provost Kirsch sent May 18, 2020.

Estimated Response Rates

Please note that the response rates are only estimates because the survey responses were anonymous and individual responses were not tracked in the system.

Overall Response Rate

The overall response rate was 56%. There were 3,067 responses out of 5,507 faculty members.

Response Rate by School/Campus/Area

School/Campus/Area Response Rate
Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences/College of General Studies 72%
Graduate School of Public Health 57%
Graduate School of Public & International Affairs 43%
Katz Graduate School of Business 62%
School of Computing & Information 50%
School of Dental Medicine 50%
School of Education 54%
School of Law 43%
School of Medicine 34%
School of Nursing 67%
School of Pharmacy 57%
School of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences 69%
School of Social Work 73%
Swanson School of Engineering 75%
University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 60%
University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg 61%
University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown 58%
University of Pittsburgh at Titusville 34%
Libraries 58%
Chancellor, Provost, UCIS, UCSUR, and Other 100%
SVC Health Sciences 43%

Response Rate by Appointment Status and Tenure Status

Appointment/Tenure Status Response Rate
Full Time 51%
Part Time/Other 54%
Tenured 62%
Tenure Stream 67%
Appointment Stream 35%

Response Rate by Rank

Rank Response Rate
Professor 54%
Associate Professor 56%
Assistant Professor 44%
Instructor/Lecturer 51%
Librarian/Other 82%