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Learning Space Management Committee

The Learning Space Management Committee is responsible for the maintenance, renovation, and development of learning spaces and adjacent group-study spaces at the University of Pittsburgh.

Charged by the Provost and entrusted with the judicious stewardship of all learning spaces at Pitt, the committee brings together perspectives from across the University community and is committed to the advancement of educational excellence and the promotion of student success. This occurs through the management, transformation, and development of learning spaces. Planning and execution are informed by evidence-based pedagogy, conducted by committee members who are strategic stakeholders and carried out in collaboration with Pitt’s academic units.

Learning Space Renovations

View before-and-after pictures and video of recent learning space renovation projects.

Committee's Charter

Review the LSMC Committee charter, which includes a statement of purpose and outlines key stakeholders, committee responsibilities and values, and scope of membership.

LSMC Meeting Dates

​Find the committee's scheduled meetings for 2023-2024.