Race and Social Determinants of Equity, Health and Well-being Cluster Hire and Retention Initiative

Building upon the Plan for Pitt, the University of Pittsburgh is committed to becoming an anti-racist institution and a national leader in efforts to understand and address race and social determinants of equity and well-being. 

three photos showing faculty at front of classroom or attending faculty event


This university-wide cluster hire and retention initiative will transform Pitt’s expertise in, and research on, Race and Social Determinants of Equity, Health and Well-Being. The initiative will focus on four interrelated goals:

  1. Significantly increase the number of faculty who are hired, promoted and retained who work in these fields;
  2. Attract, recruit and graduate undergraduate and graduate students for whom these issues are important;
  3. Raise the University’s local, national and international profile and expertise in Race and Social Determinants of Equity and Well-Being; and
  4. Increase the University’s capacity to contribute to important and sustainable societal change. 

Call for Proposals

Aligned with these commitments, in December 2020, Pitt’s Race and Social Determinants of Equity, Health and Well-Being Cluster Hire and Retention Committee invited proposals from all Pitt schools and campuses related to qualified hires over the next four years.

In August 2021, a second request for proposals was issued with a deadline of Friday, September 17, 2021.

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