A Note on Support for International Students

[Posted May 4, 2020]

The University of Pittsburgh remains fully committed to our international students during this difficult time, as always. For clarification, the CARES Act provides funding from the federal government that is specifically limited to students eligible to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This stipulation, by definition, excludes international students because they are not eligible for FAFSA.   

To ensure students who are similarly impacted have access to the same support, however, Pitt is directly awarding University-funded grants in equivalent amounts to students who would otherwise be covered by the federal grants but who are excluded because of the program restrictions, including international graduate students. Notifications to eligible students are still underway.

Pitt continues to assess the needs of and to find ways to support all our students. Students experiencing financial distress may apply to the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, which was created on March 30. In addition, the University notified international students who previously indicated financial need that Pitt has created an emergency assistance fund specifically to support them.

For more information about Pitt’s support for our international students, please visit https://www.ois.pitt.edu/office-international-services.