Provost Message on Student-related Costs

July 14, 2022

As Chancellor Patrick Gallagher announced earlier today, members of the University of Pittsburgh’s Board of Trustees approved final tuition rates for Fiscal Year 2023. 


For the upcoming 2022-2023 academic year tuition rates were slightly increased but remain well below that of the current levels of inflation.   

On our Pittsburgh campus, tuition will increase by 3.5% for in-state undergraduate and all graduate students and 5.5% for out-of-state undergraduates. 

The few exceptions are all undergraduates in the School of Computing and Information (SCI) will see rates rise by an additional 2%, resulting in increases of 5.5% for in-state and 7.5% for out-of-state SCI students. All undergraduate students – in-state and out-of-state – in the Swanson School of Engineering will see a rate increase of 3.5%.  

On our regional campuses, tuition will increase by 2% for both in-state and out-of-state students. 

As in recent years, we devote much of this increase to funding financial aid for students.

Student Housing

On-campus housing costs will increase by between 4.6% to 4.9% on our Pittsburgh campus and between 5% to 6% on our regional campuses. Dining costs will rise on our Pittsburgh campus by an average of 4%, and between 4.3% to 5% on our regional campuses. 

With respect to how the university sets student-related costs, we carefully considered both affordability and the rising costs necessary to deliver a world-class education.