Provost Approves Student Onboarding Plan

November 19, 2018

As an outgrowth of initial discussions two years ago, Admissions and Financial Aid and Student Life have been reexamining, with the guidance of a task force working with Vice Provosts Marc Harding and Kenyon Bonner, the framework and delivery for onboarding new undergraduates—from the approach to academic orientation to the transition to campus life. I am pleased to share that I have approved the task force’s recommendations, including the establishment of the Office of New Student Programs to oversee: 

  1. Online Orientation: Students and parents will have access to online modules with content, videos, and quizzes. We will be contracting with Advantage Design Group, a company that has partnered with other universities for successful and fantastic online orientations.
  2. Advising: Schools and colleges now have ownership and control over advising. A personalized model is in place but does not require a campus visit. Advising can take place on the phone, via conference call, or in-person.
  3. Course Registration: This will continue to be online and required but will be driven by decisions made by advising.
  4. Retreats: Six overnight social retreats will be offered to incoming students who would like to connect to campus and stay in a residence hall. This is primarily for students to get acclimated to campus, make friends, and explore campus and the city.
  5. Welcome Week: This will remain as is, for the most part, but with additional academic information.

The New Student Programs fee will remain at $200 for this year as we transition. There are, of course, more details to come, but I look forward to this new set of programs and processes for the Fall 2019 class.



Ann E. Cudd
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor