Extension of the Year of Discourse and Dialogue

March 28, 2024

Dear Colleagues,

In April of last year, we announced that academic year 2023-24 would be the Year of Discourse and Dialogue at the University of Pittsburgh. That timely theme was inspired by the many ways in which Higher Education has been at the forefront of engagement around respecting divergent viewpoints—and in establishing the important space for various viewpoints to continue to find opportunities for expression. 

One look at the Year of Discourse and Dialogue website shows how much important work is taking place. Personally, I can also say that I reflect—and will continue to reflect upon—the conversations and interchanges, both formal and informal, that I have had the chance to experience over the course of this year. It is clear that there is a great deal of room to continue to advance our efforts.

In fact, so important are these ongoing dialogues that, in consultation with Chancellor Gabel, we have decided that we will extend the Year of Discourse and Dialogue to continue through academic year 2024-25. 

I am pleased that Dr. Carissa Slotterback, Dean of the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, and Dr. Clyde Pickett, Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, have agreed to continue to lead the 2024-25 Year of Discourse and Dialogue. I appreciate their impressive efforts to date and look forward to their continued leadership. I also sincerely appreciate the stewardship of the Year of steering committee as we continue to chart our progress forward.

As in years past, a committee of faculty, staff, and students will coordinate the 2024-25 Year of Discourse and Dialogue. The Office of the Provost will provide matching funds to support events and projects related to the theme.

Please take time to think about ways that you, your school/campus, or departments would like to get involved. I ask that you share this information with your faculty and staff to let them know to watch for more information about how to participate in this second Year of Discourse and Dialogue. 


Joseph J. McCarthy
Interim Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

William Kepler Whiteford Professor of Chemical Engineering
University of Pittsburgh