Office of the Provost


TO: All Deans
FROM: Andrew R. Blair
DATE: May 13, 2010
RE: Nomination and Review of Candidates for Distinguished Faculty Rank

As you are aware, Provost Maher has established procedures for recommending candidates for distinguished faculty ranks, i.e., Distinguished University Professor, Distinguished Service Professor and Distinguished Professor.  A copy of the Provost’s memo of May 9, 2005 and the “Policy and Procedure Governing Appointments to Distinguished Professorships” is enclosed; it can also be found at:  These procedures mandate an initial screening process of recommended nominees by the Distinguished Faculty Committee at a meeting in the fall term of each academic year, followed by a second meeting to be held in the spring term at which time full dossiers will be reviewed for recommendations to the Provost.  As noted in the procedures and as deemed necessary, exceptional cases (e.g., those entailing an urgent recruitment or retention) can still be considered at other times during the year.

The deadlines for receiving the nominations and the full dossiers for the upcoming academic year are:

Monday, September 13, 2010: Deadline for receipt of distinguished faculty nominations to the Office of the Provost        
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
: Deadline for receipt of full dossiers to the Provost (via Faculty Records)

Letters of nomination should be addressed to the Provost and forwarded to my attention (c/o 826 Cathedral of Learning).  For all nominations that have been reviewed positively by the Distinguished Faculty Committee in the fall term, full dossiers are to be processed in accordance with normal promotion procedures, and must be received by the Office of Faculty Records by the spring term deadline noted above.  For schools and regional campuses with departments or divisions, please inform your chairs of these deadlines.

If you have any questions, please contact me.



cc:  Provost James V. Maher

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