Implementation of Summer 2020 Full-time, Flat Rates

If I am taking the equivalent of a full-time course load in the summer terms, will I be charged on a per-credit basis?

We understand many students’ plans and progress were disrupted by COVID-19. Given these impacts, any undergraduate student taking between 12 and 18 credits and any graduate student taking between 13 and 15 credits in the summer 2020 term, who would typically pay a per-credit rate, will pay a fixed rate tuition that matches what they would have paid for a full-time course load in spring 2020. Those students who are already enrolled in a fixed-rate summer program will continue to pay that amount. We hope this support eases the burden for our students and encourage students to speak with their academic advisor on planning their academic progress and with any questions they might have about credit hours.

[Posted May 5, 2020]