Coronavirus precautions - graduate students and postdocs

February 4, 2020

Please be aware of the guidance that has recently been provided for any individuals who have recently returned from China.  

In particular, please note that anyone returning from China practice "social distancing" for 14 days after their departure from China. 

"The CDC is recommending that any travelers who present as healthy—with no evidence of fever, cough, sore throat or shortness of breath—practice social distancing for 14 days following their departure from China. Social distancing means avoiding public places where close contact with others may occur. This includes avoiding shopping centers, movie theaters, stadiums, workplaces, schools and classroom settings, as well as shared transportation for the full 14-day period."

If you are aware of any students or postdocs who have recently returned from China who are affected by this guidance, please consider how we can best support them during this time. 

Following these guidelines will certainly have implications for students and postdocs attending classes, working on research and functioning as teaching assistants. These students should be allowed to follow this guidance even if it means adjusting these assignments, participating remotely etc. 

Also, students may have limited local support and/or resources, making practicing "social distancing" personally or financially stressful. If you are aware of a student or postdoc in this situation and are unsure of how to support them, feel free to contact me and we can determine how best to proceed.