Spring 2021 COVID Grading Accommodation and Transcript Notation - March 19, 2021

TO: Deans and Regional Campus Presidents

FROM: Ann E. Cudd

DATE: March 19, 2021

SUBJECT: Spring 2021 COVID grading accommodation and transcript notation

As we did in the Fall 2020 term, we will continue to permit a “late withdrawal” window after the completion of the Spring 2021 term to allow students who experience significant challenges during the term to withdraw from a class even after the term ends.

In addition, we will be modifying the “G grade” (incomplete for extenuating circumstances) process. The definition of “extenuating circumstances” will remain the same and will require an agreement between the student and instructor; however, if the student has done enough to achieve a passing grade in the course when the G grade is issued, the instructor will report that “fallback” grade to the registrar. If the student does not complete the G, the grade on the transcript will automatically revert to the “fallback grade” rather than “NG.”

Also as in the fall, a notation will be added to all transcripts that reads, “This semester occurred during the COVID-19 global public health crisis.”


View a PDF of the Spring Grading Policy memo: Spring 2021 COVID grading accommodation and transcript notation