Provost's Inaugural Lectures Schedule: May-June 2012 (April 17, 2012)


TO:               Members of the Council of Deans

FROM:          Patricia E. Beeson

DATE:           April 17, 2012

RE:               Provost’s Inaugural Lectures Schedule:  May-June

It is truly an honor for me to continue the tradition of inviting distinguished faculty members to present an Inaugural Lecture to celebrate their appointment, and I am pleased to announce the schedule of Provost’s Inaugural Lectures for May and June 2012.

Dr. David J. Hackam

Watson Family Chair in Surgery (Medicine)

May 2

Dr. Alexander D. Sorkin

Richard Beatty Mellon Professor of Physiology (Medicine)

May 8

Dr. Nancy E.

Hillman Chair in Oncology

May 10

Dr. Thomas E. Smithgall

William S. McEllroy Chair in Biochemistry (Medicine)

May 15

Dr. Jill M. Siegfried

UPMC Chair in Lung Cancer Research (Medicine)

May 22

Dr. Zhou Wang

UPMC Chair in Urological Research (Medicine)

May 30

Dr. Peter L. Strick

Endowed Chair in Systems Neuroscience and Distinguished Professor of Neurobiology

June 7

Dr. Larry W. Moreland

Margaret Jane Miller Endowed Professorship for Arthritis Research (Medicine)

June 11

Dr. William C.

Distinguished Professor of Pharmacology and Chemical Biology (Medicine)

June 14

Dr. Cecilia W.Y. Lo

Dr. F. Sargent Cheever Chair (Medicine)

June 19

Dr. Rocky Tuan

Arthur J. Rooney, Sr. Chair in
Sports Medicine (Medicine)

June 21

Dr. Derek Angus

Dr. Mitchell P. Fink Chair in Critical Care Medicine (Medicine)

June 26


Prior to each lecture, you will receive a letter that confirms the date, time, place, and title of the lecture.  This is an important event for the faculty member, as well as the University, and I urge you and your faculty to attend as many of these lectures as your schedule can accommodate.



cc:        Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg
Arthur S. Levine, M.D., Senior Vice Chancellor
Mr. Albert J. Novak
Mr. Clyde B. Jones III