Provost's Inaugural Lectures Schedule AY 2006-2007


TO: Members of the Council of Deans

FROM: James V. Maher

DATE: August 28, 2006

Provost's Inaugural Lectures Schedule: AY 2006-2007

I am pleased to announce the schedule of Inaugural Lectures for the current academic year.

Dr. John H. Evans
Alumni Chair in Accounting (Business)
October 17

Dr. Susan Amara
Dr. Thomas Detre Endowed Professorship in Neuroscience (Medicine)
November 21

Dr. Douglas Kondziolka
Peter J. Jannetta Endowed Chair in Neurosurgery (Medicine)
December 19

Dr. Charles Reynolds
UPMC Endowed Professorship in Geriatric Psychiatry (Medicine)
January 23

Dr. Angela Gronenborn
UPMC-Rosalind Franklin Chair in Structural Biology (Medicine)
February 22

Prof. Arthur Hellman
Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair (Law)
March 27

Dr. Alan Russell
University Professor of Surgery (Medicine)
April 10

Dr. David Bartlett
Bernard F. Fisher Chair in Surgery (Medicine)
May 17

Prior to each lecture, you will receive an invitation that confirms the date, time, place, and title of the lecture. As you know, these lectures are given by newly-appointed distinguished professors and named/endowed Chairs. This is an important event for the faculty member, as well as the University, and I urge you and your faculty to attend as many of these lectures as your schedule can accommodate.
cc: Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg
Arthur S. Levine, M.D.
Mr. Albert J. Novak