Provost’s Inaugural Lectures Schedule: May-June 2011 (March 8, 2011)


TO: Members of the Council of Deans
FROM: Patricia E. Beeson
DATE: March 8, 2011
RE: Provost’s Inaugural Lectures Schedule: May-June 2011

I am pleased to announce six lecturers that have been added to the schedule of Provost’s Inaugural Lectures for the current academic year. These are:

Dr. Chester A. Mathis

PET Research Endowed Chair (Medicine) 

May 17

Dr. Clifton W. Callaway

Ronald D. Stewart Endowed Chair (Medicine) 

May 24

Dr. Basil J. Zitelli

Edmund R. McClusky Endowed Chair in Pediatric Education  (Medicine) 

May 26

Dr. George Mazariegos

Jamie Lee Curtis Endowed Chair in Transplantation Surgery (Medicine)

June 2

Dr. Ronald Shapiro

Robert J. Corry Chair in Transplantation (Medicine) 

June 9

Dr. Andrew B. Peitzman

Mark M. Ravitch Endowed Chair in Surgery (Medicine) 

June 30

Prior to each lecture, you will receive a letter that confirms the date, time, place, and title of the lecture.  This is an important event for the faculty member, as well as the University, and I urge you and your faculty to attend as many of these lectures as your schedule can accommodate.
Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg
Arthur S. Levine, M.D., Senior Vice Chancellor
Mr. Albert J. Novak