UCGS Subcommittees

Graduate Faculty (UCGS only)

This committee will consider the definitions of graduate faculty and adjunct graduate faculty, potential mentor training requirements, conditions under which graduate faculty status can be revoked and the process for appointment to graduate faculty.

Guidance on Graduate Mentoring and Advising (UCGS only)

This committee will update the University’s guide to graduate mentoring and advising (titled Elements of Good Academic Advising) and make recommendations for University-wide mentor/advisor training and support. 

Advanced Standing Credits (with PACUP)

This committee will consider transfer credit maximums and other issues related to transfer credits including block transfers. 

Academic Program Structure and Dual Degrees/Majors (with PACUP)

This committee will discuss academic program structures such as ARCOs, dual/joint degrees, stackable programs and how many credits can count for two programs concurrently. 

Academic Probation/Suspension (with PACUP)

This committee will consider the criteria by which students are placed on academic probation or suspended/dismissed for academic reasons and the process for each.

Course Repeat/G Grade (with PACUP)

This committee will consider regulations regarding G grades (similar to incomplete grades), the conditions under which students can repeat a course, and how repeated courses appear on the student’s transcript.