Phased Implementation of PACTP

The ad hoc committee recommended that PACTP comprise four subcommittees, with one subcommittee handling each of the following types of cases:

  1. tenure/tenure stream (T/TS) cases for the Pittsburgh campus (excluding School of Medicine (SOM) cases);
  2. appointment stream (AS) cases for the Pittsburgh campus (excluding SOM cases);
  3. T/TS/AS cases from the regional campuses; and
  4. T/TS/AS cases from the SOM.

The ad hoc committee addressed the timing of implementation on page 9 of its report. First, the committee recommended that the process of transition to a University-level review committee be phased in, with the first year to serve as a “pilot test” of the new process using promotion cases from tenured associate to full professor. The ad hoc committee cited two reasons for selecting these cases for the pilot: the manageable volume of such cases and the fact that these decisions do not affect individuals’ employment status. Second, the committee recommended that, “[a]fter the pilot test, an assessment of the University-level review process can occur, and adjustments can be made as needed to strengthen the process and ensure it is transparent, fair, consistent, and timely” (p. 9).

In 2020-2021, the Office of Faculty Affairs began to phase in the review committee as recommended by the ad hoc committee. In order to maintain status quo during the development of a collective bargaining agreement, PACTP will continue to review promotions from tenured associate to full professor and will not review other types of promotions until a collective bargaining agreement has been finalized. All other promotions will be reviewed under pre-PACTP processes.