Provost’s Inaugural Lectures Schedule: Fall 2019-Spring 2020

TO: Members of the Council of Deans

FROM: Ann E. Cudd, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor  

DATE: September 6, 2019

RE: Provost’s Inaugural Lectures Schedule: Fall 2019–Spring 2020   


It is truly an honor for me to continue the tradition of inviting distinguished faculty members to present an inaugural lecture to celebrate their appointment, and I am pleased to announce the schedule of Provost’s Inaugural Lectures for the current academic year.

Dr. Elizabeth Miller
Edmund R. McCluskey Endowed Chair in Pediatric Medical Education (Medicine)
October 1, 2019

Dr. Howard Aizenstein      
Charles F. Reynolds III and Ellen G. Detlefsen Endowed Chair in Geriatric Psychiatry (Medicine)
October 3, 2019

Dr. John Wallace
David E. Epperson Endowed Chair (Social Work)
October 31, 2019

Dr. David Lewis
Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry (Medicine)
November 5, 2019

Dr. Volker Musahl    
Blue Cross Western Pennsylvania Endowed Chair (Medicine)
November 8, 2019    

Dr. Toren Finkel     
G. Nicholas III & Dorothy B. Beckwith Chair in Translational Medicine (Medicine)
November 18, 2019    

Dr. Paul Patterson
James O. Page Professor of Emergency Healthcare Worker Safety (Medicine)
December 5, 2019

Dr. John A. Kellum
Endowed Chair in Critical Care Medicine Research (Medicine)
December 9, 2019    

Dr. Sean Eack    
James J. and Noel W. Browne Endowed Chair (Social Work)
December 19, 2019    

Prof. Anthony Infanti    
Christopher C. Walthour, Sr. Professorship of Law (Law)
January 23, 2020    

Dr. Carla Nappi    
Andrew W. Mellon Professor of History (Arts & Sciences)
February 6, 2020    

Dr. Giovanni (Paolo) Galdi    
Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (Engineering)
April 9, 2020    

Dr. Jeanne Marie Laskas    
Distinguished Professor of English (Arts & Sciences)
April 30, 2020    

Prior to each lecture, you will receive an announcement that confirms the date, time, place, and title of the lecture. This is an important event for these faculty members, as well as the University, and I urge you and your faculty to attend as many of these lectures as your schedule can accommodate.


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