Year Of ... at Pitt

Academic Year 2018-2019 is the Year of PittGlobal.

The Year of PittGlobal aims to help mobilize and highlight the efforts of our schools, centers, institutes and programs to integrate local and international perspectives that advance new knowledge and ground-breaking innovation while fostering cultural awareness, worldwide partnerships and life-changing research.


Past Years

2017–2018: Year of Healthy U

  • The Year of Healthy U, 2017–2018: A Year in Review
    In Spring 2017, Provost Patricia E. Beeson announced that the academic year 2017-2018 would be the Year of Healthy U. During that time, University of Pittsburgh students, faculty and staff studied, recognized and benefited from practices that promote good health, showing how a cross-disciplinary understanding of wellness can lead to better and more productive lives. The Year of Healthy U engaged our various audiences, advanced our understanding of health in all of its forms and renewed our commitment to fostering a vigorous and lively community.
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2016–2017: Year of Diversity

2015–2016: Year of the Humanities

2014–2015: Year of Sustainability