Office of the Provost

University Planning and Budgeting Committee

The University Planning and Budgeting Committee (UPBC), which is chaired by the Provost, advises the Chancellor in the development of University operational and long-range plans and budgets. UPBC work includes: developing planning parameters and planning information; reviewing planning proposals from the Senior Vice Chancellors and Vice Chancellors who report directly to the Chancellor; and drafting proposed University plans and budgets for the Chancellor's consideration. In addition, the UPBC reviews policy matters including: facilities planning; the creation, termination, or merger of schools or major academic divisions; the creation or termination of major administrative units; the University-wide mission and strategic plan; and other matters of University-wide concern. Members of the UPBC include the Senior Vice Chancellors and elected and ex officio representatives of Pittsburgh Campus and regional campus faculty, staff, deans, and students.