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Academic Calendar

2015-2016 Academic Calendar

Important Dates: Fall 2015

July 3-4 Independence Day (University Closed)

July 8 FALL TERM DEADLINE for continuing students to register without penalty fee

August 17 Graduate International Student Check-in and Orientation

August 21-23, incl. Undergraduate International Student Orientation

August 24 Residence halls open

August 24-30, incl. New and Transfer Student Orientation

August 26 New Student Convocation

August 27 New Faculty Orientation

August 28 New Teaching Assistant Orientation

August 31 FALL TERM ENROLLMENT PERIOD ENDS for all students


September 7 Labor Day (University Closed)

September 11 FALL TERM add/drop period ends

September 17 Constitution Day

October 2-4, incl. Family Weekend

October 9-11, incl. Homecoming Activities

October 19 Fall Break for students (no classes); University offices and buildings remain open and staffed during Fall Break (see note below)

October 20 Monday classes. Classes normally scheduled to meet Monday, October 19th will meet on Tuesday the 20th. Tuesday classes will not meet this week. (See note below)

October 23 Spring Term Veteran Student Enrollment Appointments Begin


October 30 FALL TERM DEADLINE for students to submit Monitored Withdrawal forms to dean's office

November 6 Last day for Spring term enrollment appointments

November 7 Spring term open enrollment period begins

November 25-29, incl. Thanksgiving Recess for students (no classes), all schools

November 26-27, incl. Thanksgiving Recess for faculty and staff (University closed)

November 30 Classes resume (all schools)

December 11 FALL TERM: Last day for undergraduate day classes

December 11 SPRING TERM DEADLINE for continuing students to register without paying a penalty fee

December 12 Reading day

December 12-19, incl. College of General Studies classes, Saturday College classes, graduate classes, and evening classes will continue to meet during this period; final examinations should be held during the last scheduled class meeting

December 14-19, incl. Final Examination Period for undergraduate day classes

December 19 FALL TERM ENDS: Official date for degrees awarded in FALL TERM

December 20 Residence halls close

December 20-Jan. 5, incl. Winter Recess for students (no classes), all schools

December 22 FALL TERM grades must be approved by instructors by 11:59 pm

December 24-Jan. 3, incl. Winter Recess for faculty and staff; designated University offices, including major responsibility centers and research projects, will be staffed as necessary during this period.*

Note: Regarding fall break, students in the first profesional programs in the Schools of Dental Medicine, Law, medicine, Pharmacy, as well as the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, should contact their dean's office.

*Employees covered by collective bargaining agreements will be governed by the terms of those agreements.

2016-2017 Extended Academic Calendar

2017-2018 Extended Academic Calendar

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