Graduate Studies

The Latest from the Vice Provost

Read current and past issues of the Monthly Updates from Nathan Urban newsletter and other communications from the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Strategic Initiatives.

Graduate Student Events

See the schedule of upcoming events tailored to graduate and professional students, as well as a recap of past event offerings.

Graduate Student Spotlight

Keep an eye on the achievements of Pitt graduate students, including their awards, grants, fellowships, and other accomplishments. 

Graduate Student Resources

Visit the dedicated Graduate Student Resources website for information on academic resources, teaching support, research, career preparation, student life, and health and wellness.

Graduate Guidelines, Policies, & Resources

In addition to the Graduate Student Resources website, there are a number of other guidelines, policies, and resources available addressing advocacy, academic integrity, academic planning, assessment, evaluation, advising, and more.

Special Notices

Find information on topics important to graduate students and graduate studies programs, including: