Learning Research and Development Center

The Learning Research and Development Center (LRDC), founded in 1964, conducts research on learning, cognition, and instruction. Center staff, including postdoctoral fellows and graduate students, come from a wide range of disciplines. Faculty in the Center are research scientists and have academic appointments in their respective schools or departments, including Computer Science, Business, Education, Intelligent Systems, Law, Political Science, and Psychology. An interdisciplinary center, LRDC employs advances in research to address fundamental questions about the acquisition of knowledge and skill, characteristics of effective instruction, and social and organizational factors that shape educational systems.

LRDC researchers are engaged in a variety of activities, including: (1) the study of psychological principles that underlie learning in school settings; (2) the investigation of intellectual functioning and development; (3) the study of the social aspects of learning; (4) the evaluation of educational programs; (5) the evaluation of educational standards and assessment; (6) the design of school environments that adapt to children from a range of social and cultural backgrounds; (7) the development of training programs that address the continual learning requirements of the modern workplace; and (8) the study of technological applications to improve learning in the classroom and at the training site.

For further information, contact LRDC Communications, located in 805 LRDC, telephone 412-624-2881.