School and Campus Governance

In each school or campus, faculty members are responsible for encouraging free inquiry and free expression, and for maintaining conditions conducive to learning, research, and service. The faculty influences policies and programs through participation in the governing bodies of the school or campus. The faculty of each school or campus has primary responsibility in the areas of curriculum design, degree requirements, program content, methods of instruction, academic advising, and the conduct of research and public service.

For additional information, refer to University Policy 02-04-01, Role of Faculty in School and Regional Campus Governance.

The University is organized by schools/campuses and faculties, each administered by a dean/campus president. The basic organizational unit of the school/campus is the department/division, headed by a chairperson. Chairs may consult with other faculty in their department/division and, when possible, develop a faculty consensus in carrying out particular responsibilities. Chairs also preside over faculty deliberations leading to the development of a faculty position on academic matters. Department/division chairpersons regularly evaluate faculty, make recommendations to the dean/campus president regarding faculty salary increments and other faculty personnel issues.

For additional information, refer to University Policy 01-03-08, School and Regional Campus Governance.