Conducting Evaluations of Academic Programs

Academic Program Reviews

The University is responsible for developing and promoting academic programs of quality. The quality and effectiveness of programs, the extent to which planned objectives have been met, the priority that the University attaches to the programs, and the costs of these activities must be considered as the University proceeds with its continuous review and adjustment of institutional plans, activities, and resource allocation.

The goal of this system of program review is to improve the quality and effectiveness of the University’s graduate and undergraduate offerings. The review process provides an opportunity for faculty and administrators to obtain insights regarding the level of excellence of the programs. It is expected that specific recommendations aimed at maintaining or enhancing the quality of programs will be an outcome of this review process. 

Steps in the Academic Program Review Process

The following activities are the framework of the academic program review process.

  1. Self-study
  2. External review
  3. Final report
  4. Post-review planning
  5. One year follow-up

Download the complete Academic Program Review guidelines.

The Office of the Provost manages the review process.  If you have questions, contact Assistant Provost Nancy Tannery, who coordinates the process with units under review, at