Safety and Security

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department is a professional, full-service agency providing all of the services normally provided by local municipal police, plus many services unique to an academic institution. Of the nearly 130 law enforcement agencies located in Allegheny County, the University Police Department, with 71 full-time, commissioned officers, ranks as one of the largest in the area. In addition, the University employs a large contingent of unarmed security guards to monitor activity in and around residence halls, academic and office buildings, and athletic facilities.

By statute, the University Police have jurisdiction on all University grounds and within 500 yards of the grounds. In addition to enforcing the criminal and traffic codes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, they are also empowered to enforce City ordinances and University rules and regulations (such as the prohibition against carrying weapons on campus). All criminal and suspicious activities should be reported to the University Police through their Communications Center, telephone 412-624-2121.