Ridesharing Program

The program's services are free and include computerized matching for riders and distribution of Port Authority Transit schedules and maps, plus the following:


Computerized lists of interested carpoolers are mailed or can be picked up at the Ridesharing Office. Benefits of carpooling include preferred parking in select University parking facilities, a discount on monthly permit costs, Guaranteed Ride Home in case of a daytime emergency, and courtesy parking up to two times per term. Courtesy parking arrangements must be made 24 hours in advance with the Ridesharing Office. Even though several employees may rotate their autos in the carpool group, only one parking permit is required.


Available to employees who have a daily round-trip commute of 25 miles or more. Groups of 14 passengers pay a set monthly fare calculated to offset the operating costs of the van including fuel and parking. Current vanpools accommodate the following schedules: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Riders are eligible for Guaranteed Ride Home, courtesy parking up to two times per term and fare discounts once per quarter. Free trial rides are available.


All bicycles used, parked, or stored on University property are to be registered. Bicycle registration serves as a deterrent to theft, helps in the identification of lost or stolen bicycles and enables the Department of Parking, Transportation and Services to better serve cyclists' needs while on campus. Bicycle permits are free and valid until June 30 of each year. Bike racks are located throughout the campus. Lockers may be rented for a nominal fee on a term-by-term basis.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Available to faculty in a registered carpool or registered vanpool. This service guarantees the faculty member a ride home, in case of a daytime illness or an emergency, at no cost. Rides are arranged by the Department.

Courtesy Parking

Available to faculty in a registered carpool or registered vanpool and must drive his or her own car to work. This service can be used up to twice per term. For more information telephone 412-624-0687 or e-mail: rideshare@bc.pitt.edu.