University Center for International Studies

The University Center for International Studies ( (UCIS) is the central coordinating and support mechanism for international activities for the University of Pittsburgh. Established in 1968, its unique design cuts horizontally across the vertical structures of the University to coordinate international research, instruction, and public service that often involve more than one school or department.  These interdisciplinary activities are coordinated primarily through a series of area studies and thematic programs.  UCIS also serves as the convener for the Provost's International Coordination Council, which is comprised of deans and directors of University units that are involved in international scholarship.

UCIS is charged with the following responsibilities: to initiate, sustain, and support international and comparative scholarship and research; to provide the organizational setting for interdisciplinary programmatic efforts in international studies; to assist faculty in their work to strengthen their international competencies; to aid in improving the comparative and global dimensions of instructional programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate level in all schools and departments in the University; to advise the University in the international dimension of such matters as faculty recruitment, academic policy, and program assessments; to establish inter- institutional agreements with foreign universities and research institutes, and to coordinate the representation of the University abroad; to provide public service programs linking the international resources of the University to the various public constituencies at national, regional, and local levels including the educational system, the government, the business community, the labor unions, the media, and community groups; and to aid students in their acquisition of international knowledge via study abroad, curriculum development, and seminars with scholars.

Area studies centers ( include:  the Asian Studies Program, the Latin American Studies Program, the Russian and East European Studies Program, and the Center for West European Studies.

International and global studies programs ( include:  the Institute for International Studies in Education in the School of Education, the International Business Center (with the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business), the Center for International Legal Education in the School of Law, the International Technology Center in the School of Engineering, the Matthew B. Ridgway Center for International Security Studies (with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs [GSPIA]), and Regional Structural Change in International Perspective.

University service programs include:  the UCIS Small Grants Program, UCIS Faculty Research Fellowships, Faculty Research Management Services, Hewlett International Small Grants (with GSPIA), International Grants/Fellowship Advising, Nationality Rooms, the Semester at Sea Program, and the Study Abroad Office.

Public service programs include:  the Heinz Fellowship Program, Peace Corps Recruitment, the Pennsylvania Ethnic Heritage Studies Center, and the Pennsylvania Governor’s School for International Studies.

For additional information on the University Center for International Studies, located in 4400 Posvar Hall, telephone 412-648-7390.