Response to Recommendations

In response to the committee's recommendations the Provost is:

  • Creating the funds to support faculty who adapt and/or adopt OER into course materials through:
    • Small grant programs ranging from $500–$2,000 to promote adapting an open textbook or OER course component changes such as online homework, lab manuals or support materials, and
    • Development funding from $2,000–$5,000 to support individual or team-based development of open textbooks, or for combining an open textbook with course-specific development.
  • Asking that the creation of OER course materials be noted in annual reports and promotion and tenure processes similar to the creation of other types of course materials such as textbooks.
  • Asking the Center for Teaching and Learning to develop assessment models to measure student outcomes in courses using OER.
  • Asking that a mechanism be created for students to identify OER course materials in course catalogs.
  • Creating a standing committee in the Office of the Provost to provide a targeted and sustained OER awareness program.