Provost's Inaugural Lectures Schedule: Fall 2018–Spring 2019

TO: Members of the Council of Deans

FROM: Ann E. Cudd, Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor

DATE: September 5, 2018

RE: Provost's Inaugural Lectures Schedule: Fall 2018–Spring 2019


It is truly an honor for me to continue the tradition of inviting distinguished faculty members to present an inaugural lecture to celebrate their appointment, and I am pleased to announce the schedule of Provost's Inaugural Lectures for the current academic year.

Dr. Robert Sweet
UPMC Professor of Psychiatric Neuroscience (Medicine)
September 6

Dr. Anna Balazs
John A. Swanson Chair in Engineering (Engineering)
September 13

Dr. Mark Shlomchik
UPMC Endowed Chair in Immunology (Medicine)
October 2

Dr. Catherine Lamberton
Ben L. Fryrear Chair in Marketing (Business)    
October 9

Dr. Chitrabhanu Bhattacharya
H.J. Zoffer Chair in Sustainability and Ethics (Business)
October 23

Mr. David Andrew Harris
Sally Ann Semenko Endowed Chair (Law)    
October 25

Dr. Dario Vignali
Frank Dixon Chair in Cancer Immunology (Medicine)   
December 18

Dr. Hulya Bayir
Chair in Critical Care Pediatric Research in the Department of Critical Care Medicine (Medicine)
January 15

Dr. Colin Allen
Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science (Arts & Sciences)
March 21

Dr. Terence S. Dermody
Vira I. Heinz Professorship in Pediatrics (Medicine)
April 2

Dr. Sandra Mitchell
Distinguished Professor of History and Philosophy of Science (Arts & Sciences)
April 4

Dr. Sundaram Hariharan
Robert J. Corry Chair in Transplantation Surgery (Medicine)
April 4, 2019

Dr. Michael Colaresi
William S. Dietrich II Endowed Chair (Arts & Sciences)
April 11

Dr. James Gordon Herman
UPMC Endowed Chair in Lung Cancer (Medicine)
May 8, 2019

Dr. Catherine M. Bender
Nancy Glunt Hoffman Professor of Oncology Nursing (Medicine)
May 13

Dr. Alison Morris
UPMC Chair in Translational Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (Medicine)
May 16

Dr. Gwendolyn Sowa
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Chair (Medicine)
June 17, 2019

Dr. Shari S. Rogal
John J. Fung/Astellas Pharma US, Inc., Assistant Professor in Transplant Surgery (Medicine)
June 24

Prior to each lecture, you will receive an announcement that confirms the date, time, place, and title of the lecture. This is an important event for these faculty members, as well as the University, and I urge you and your faculty to attend as many of these lectures as your schedule can accommodate.


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