Follow-up to my March 27, 2020 message to faculty

March 30, 2020

Dear Colleagues,

As a follow-up to my message to all faculty on March 27, 2020, regarding adjustments to the tenure clock due to COVID-19, I am sharing a few assurances and a process point regarding appointment, reappointment, promotion and tenure for Tenure/Tenure Stream/Appointment Stream faculty. Please share this information with your faculty members today.

First, to be clear, there is no University-wide freeze on faculty hiring. We are continuing to recruit and hire expert faculty. The strength of the University of Pittsburgh rests in the deep talent of its faculty.

On a related note, our University's ability to continue offering classes and mentoring students—in the classroom or through remote learning—is essential to who we are. Every faculty member is integral and vital in this effort.

As we move forward, the Office of the Provost is continuing to advance requests for faculty appointments and re-appointments and to review promotion and tenure cases. There may be some slight process delays given our current evolving environment. I do ask for your patience as we work through them.

Please encourage your faculty to reach out to you directly if they have questions or concerns.

Thanks, again, for all you do.


Ann E. Cudd
Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor
Professor of Philosophy