Public Affairs

The Office of Public Affairs guides the University in creating communications programs essential to meeting the goals and needs of the institution. Through the creation of programs to achieve specific outcomes and to fill appropriate marketing needs, Public Affairs works to build relationships with constituent audiences and advance such goals as student and faculty recruitment, fundraising, and community and government relations.

The professional staff of Public Affairs' Departments of News and Magazines and University Marketing Communications work with individual University clients to determine advancement and marketing needs and to devise appropriate strategies and programs to meet those needs. These programs integrate communications elements such as market research, media relations, publications, videos, internal University communications, Websites, CD-ROMs, advertising, specially designed events and others to accomplish communications strategies.

The Public Affairs office is located at 400 Craig Hall; telephone 412-624-4147; fax 412-624- 1021; e-mail:

University News and Magazines

The Department of University News and Magazines handles contacts and relations with local, regional, national, international, and University print and electronic media on behalf of the University administration and all schools, departments and centers not covered by the Health Sciences or sports information bureaus. The department also produces Pitt Med and Pitt magazines and the University weekly newspaper, Pitt Chronicle.

The department works with faculty, staff, and administrators in planning and implementing programs to inform external and internal audiences of news about and events taking place at the University. The department provides media liaison; consultation and strategizing; preparation and distribution of print news releases; planning and scheduling of news briefings; arrangements for interviews and media tours; and writing and placing bylined articles and feature stories.

Because faculty achievements and activities are among the University's chief sources of positive publicity, faculty members can be of assistance by informing the department of potentially newsworthy items. These items include the publication of research findings in peer-reviewed journals, the publication of new books, the launching of new academic programs, the receipt of major grants, the presentation of papers at conferences, the planning of major events on- and off-campus, premieres of major creative works, and the appearance on-campus of distinguished guests. Simply contact the department well in advance of an upcoming newsworthy happening by phone, fax, campus mail, or e-mail, and one of the news representatives will follow up for details and to develop a publicity plan.

Faculty members also can help promote the positive public perception of the University by assisting the department when requests are received from print, radio, or television reporters who are looking for experts to comment on topics in the news and of interest to the public.

Faculty members also are encouraged to contact the department when they have important insights to share about issues involving major breaking news stories; news staff members will work to connect such faculty members with members of the media. In addition, those faculty members with journalistic writing ability who have informed comments to contribute to the public debate on issues of pressing current importance are invited to consult with the department in the creation of op-ed articles that the department staff will then offer for placement in the media. Representatives of the department also are available to prepare faculty and staff members for interviews with print and electronic media.

The Department of University News and Magazines is located in 400 Craig Hall; telephone 412-624-4147; fax 412-624-1021; or email:

University Marketing Communications

University Marketing Communications (UMC) provides the University with graphic design, typesetting, scanning, illustration, writing, editing, marketing consultation, Web design, advertisement design, promotional video production, and printing services. Writers, editors, and designers work with University department personnel to establish budgets, plan, edit, design, and produce effective communications materials. This department also governs institutional identity issues, coordinates correct use of the University's logo, provides editing for University writing style, and advises on graphics-standard issues.

University of Pittsburgh and University of Pittsburgh Physicians (UPP) graphics, printing, Web design, advertising, and video projects paid for out of a Pitt account enter through University Marketing Communications using a requisition. Any outside services related to graphics, printing, Web design, advertising or video projects that are required are coordinated through this department.

All of the University's forms and stationery items are produced through this department. The department operates the Stockroom in B-10 Cathedral of Learning, where all University forms as well as typewriter and copier supplies are available for departmental purchase.

UMC campus locations include: 200 Forbes Pavilion, 2325 Forbes Avenue (graphics, marketing, and Web design officer); 400 Craig Hall (publications, advertising, and marketing communications research offices); B-10 and B-50 Cathedral of Learning (print shop); and B-10 Cathedral of Learning (stockroom).

For additional information about graphics, marketing research, advertising, Web design, printing, promotional video production or forms, please contact the department at 412-624-0409 or 412-624-4147.

Executive Communications

The Office of Executive Communications has as its primary goal the effective development, execution, and dissemination of communications for the Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. The office exists to provide the finest communications vehicles possible for the University's chief executive, and is responsible for ensuring the highest quality and greatest continuity possible in all executive-level projects.

Executive Communications is located at 400 Craig Hall; telephone 412-624-4381; fax 412-624-1021.

University Times

The University Times, published by the Office of Public Affairs, is a University newspaper for faculty and staff. It is distributed free every two weeks at 60 campus sites. The Times welcomes suggestions for news or feature items, and publishes "Opinion" articles and "Letters to the Editor." The University Times can be accessed electronically at