Community and Governmental Relations

The Community and Governmental Relations office (CGR) is the University's principal source of information and contact on federal, state and local government matters and is the primary institutional point of contact for elected officials and community representatives.

The mission of CGR is to develop and strengthen effective relationships between the University and federal, state and local governments, and community representative organizations in order to maximize support of University operations. CGR is the principal and "front line" liaison between the University and governmental constituencies. In addition to providing an official point of contact for federal, state, local and community officials and representatives, CGR works to resolve University/government and University/neighborhood problems and conflicts. CGR continually looks for opportunities to promote the University and to secure government funding and partnerships to advance the educational, research and economic development missions of the University. In fulfilling these roles, CGR is organized to achieve the University's objectives in four major functional areas: Federal Relations, Commonwealth Relations, City/County Relations, and Community Relations.

Members of the staff are available to speak to all University groups and classes — faculty, staff and students — on issues related to each of the functional areas. The Community and Governmental Relations office is located on the 7th Floor of the Alumni Hall; telephone 412-624-7755; fax 412-624-7707; e-mail

Federal Relations

The Federal Relations office promotes University interests, programs, personnel, and students with Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and federal Executive Branch agencies, and supports, in the federal arena, the University's administrative, educational, research, and economic development activities and goals. Primary interactions, besides those with members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation, are with the Members of Congress, Congressional committees, and agencies that have legislative or administrative oversight of programs of interest to the University community.

Staff proactively seek out and develop opportunities for federal interest in and support of University projects and programs, including financial assistance. Federal Relations staff review legislation and regulations for impact on the University and partner with University administrators, faculty, staff, and students to develop appropriate advocacy strategies. Federal Relations staff also assist Members of Congress, committees, and agencies by providing information and contacts with faculty and collaborate with faculty in facilitating enhanced federal relations.

The Federal Relations telephone number is 412-624-6011.

Commonwealth Relations

As a state-related university, the University of Pittsburgh serves as one of Pennsylvania's three public research universities and fulfills its responsibilities to the Commonwealth through a tripartite commitment to teaching, research and public service. CGR serves as the University's formal liaison with state government, representing the University's interests in the legislative and executive branches and identifying opportunities to promote a constructive and collaborative relationship between the institution and the Commonwealth. The staff identify, promote, and develop opportunities for institutional, program and capital project support from state government and review all legislation introduced by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to assess the potential impact on the institution and to develop strategies to promote the University's interests. CGR provides assistance to legislators, committee staff and agency representatives in identifying faculty who are engaged in research or policy studies of relevance to Pennsylvania and serve as liaisons for faculty interested in establishing closer ties with the Commonwealth's legislative and executive branches.

Commonwealth Relations ( telephone number is 412-624-7703.

City/County Relations

The municipal governments of the home communities in which Pitt's five campuses are located and, in particular, the City of Pittsburgh, play an important role in providing hospitable environments in which the University can fulfill its missions. Consequently, CGR seeks to develop and maintain effective working relationships with municipal officials. As the institutional point of contact for City and County government, as well as other regional quasi-governmental entities, the CGR maintains active liaison and ongoing communications with Pittsburgh City Council and executive branch departments and personnel. In cooperation with other University departments, CGR staff assist in the development and implementation of strategies to achieve institutional policy, planning and facility development objectives that require governmental review, input or approval.

The staff of the City/County Relations office can be reached at 412-624-7705.

Community Relations

The Oakland neighborhood is home to the University's largest campus. Consequently, enhancing the relationship between the University and the Oakland community, as well as other adjacent communities, is a critical endeavor of the CGR. On an ongoing basis, CGR seeks to develop and maintain effective communications with neighborhood business and resident organizations and community development corporations. Whenever possible, this is done through the creation of mutually-beneficial collaborative partnerships with these neighbors. Through such partnerships, the University discharges formal obligations, takes advantage of opportunities and removes or ameliorates obstacles to institutional progress.

CGR coordinates the Faculty and Staff Volunteer Pool, which presents opportunities for faculty and staff participation in community service projects identified by community organizations. CGR staff also coordinate institution-wide service projects, including the United Way Day of Caring, Pitt's Partnership for Food, and the University Blood Drive Program.

Staff at the Community Relations office can be reached at 412-624-7720. For more information on the Pitt Volunteer Pool, telephone 412-624-7709. Information on the University Blood Drive Program can be acquired by calling 412-624-7702.