Alumni Relations

The University's responsibility to its alumni is addressed through the Alumni Relations Office that sustains a mutually supportive relationship with over 175,000 alumni living in all 50 states and in 119 countries. The Office encourages and helps to support efforts by alumni organizations, keeps alumni informed of developments both on campus and in alumni ranks, and provides opportunities to utilize resources on the University campus.

The Alumni Relations Office provides an important link with alumni, many of whom serve the institution as volunteers. Alumni volunteers act as sources of information about the institution, assist in recruiting and counseling high school students, help to interpret the academic and financial needs of the University to the public, help to cultivate and inspire financial generosity among the alumni, serve as advocates for higher education in Pennsylvania, and offer career mentoring for alumni and students. In promoting these relationships with the University, the Office welcomes the assistance of faculty members. Faculty are invited to serve as speakers at alumni events and as participants in continuing education programs and seminars. Faculty are encouraged to share information with the Alumni Relations Office about noteworthy achievements and communications with the alumni-of-note.