University Computer Account

A University Computer Account provides the user with access to a wide range of University computing resources, including access to PittNet and the Internet, the UNIX and VMS timesharing services, the campus computing labs, and more. When a student enters the University, or a faculty or staff member is hired, a University Computer Account is automatically created. Current faculty who do not have an account should contact their Responsibility Center Account Administrator for assistance. A list of Responsibility Center Account Administrators can be found at Participants in special University programs may be granted a sponsored account by the program administrator for that area.

There are three important elements associated with a University Computer Account:

Username: A username consists of a combination of letters and numbers based on your name. A faculty member named Pamela R. Smith, for example, may have the unique username, prsmith.

Password: To protect the security of an account, the username must be used in conjunction with a password known only to the user. When an account is created, a temporary password is assigned. A letter is sent to the user when the account is created explaining how to determine the temporary password. The new password should be five to eight characters long and consist of some combination of letters and numbers that can easily be remembered, but cannot be easily guessed by another user. CSSD strongly recommends that users change the temporary password immediately upon receipt of the account.

E-mail address: A University e-mail address consists of the username followed by "" From the example above, Pamela R. Smith's e-mail address will be: