Parking, Transportation and Services

Parking at the Pittsburgh Campus

The Parking Services Office, through the University of Pittsburgh Parking and Traffic Ordinance, is responsible for establishing parking regulations, assigning parking permits, citing violators, and arranging special event parking. Detailed information is available online at In addition, the office offers a Motorist Assistance Program to unlock and jump-start vehicles free of charge when parked on or near campus locations.

Assignment of spaces to faculty members is made through a University waiting list. Applications for parking permits can be made by completing the Parking Agreement (Form 0048) or submitting an application online at Up to three parking locations may be listed on the agreement. Rates for day or night and indoor or outdoor parking may be obtained by calling the Parking Office or checking the Website.

No fee is charged for the registration of additional vehicles, including motorcycles, once a permit is assigned. Registered bicycles are issued permits annually without charge. However, these vehicles must be parked in designated areas or they will be cited and/or removed.

Brochures are available to describe parking programs. The Parking Office is located at 204 Brackenridge Hall. For further information, call the appropriate telephone number below, or consult the University of Pittsburgh Traffic and Parking Ordinance available on our Website.

Parking Services 412-624-4034
Special Event Parking 412-624-8877
Appeals 412-624-8899