Center for Philosophy of Science

The Center for Philosophy of Science promotes — on a regional, national, and international scale — scholarship and research in the philosophy and history of science and in such related disciplines as the rhetoric and sociology of science. Although it is primarily a research institute, its programs and activities enrich the graduate programs of a number of academic departments, especially Philosophy and History and Philosophy of Science. The Center's 59 Resident Fellows come from 21 departments throughout the University. Twenty-six institutions in the geographical region served by the University of Pittsburgh are represented among the Center's 70 Associates.

Annually, 6 to 8 scholars and scientists from around the world conduct research in Pittsburgh as Visiting Fellows of the Center. In addition, the Center sponsors 6 to 8 offerings in its long-standing public Lecture Series, several conferences and workshops, a colloquium that meets twice weekly, and occasional international meetings. The Center publishes several book series in the philosophy and history of science.

The Center is located at 817 Cathedral of Learning, telephone 412-624-1050.