Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching

The Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching (OMET)  provides services related to testing, test scoring, evaluation of teaching, and research consultation.


Nationally standardized admission and certification examinations are given by the office. In addition, the scoring and analysis of objective classroom examinations are provided to faculty members. Answer sheets are available without charge to those teaching University courses. The sheets are processed through the use of optical scanning equipment that allows prompt feedback of test results. In addition, a summary is provided that includes class test statistics and item analysis data. Those involved in survey research can also utilize the answer sheets and optical scanning service as a method of data input.

Evaluation of Teaching

Services related to the evaluation of teaching are available to faculty and Teaching Assistants in all teaching units and include:

  • Building research-based evaluation instruments and procedures tailored to specific schools. The schools for which forms have been developed include the College of Arts and Sciences, Dental Medicine, Education, Engineering, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Information Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public and International Affairs, Public Health, Social Work, and the University Challenge for Excellence Program. (Schools establish their own specific policies on evaluation of teaching. The school's policy may be obtained from the dean's office.)
  • Administering surveys and summarizing data so that faculty may obtain systematic feedback about their teaching from students.
  • Conducting research on the nature of the evaluation process.

A consulting service is available to assist faculty, students, and staff involved in research projects. The consultants are experienced in dealing with problems of research design, measurement, instrument selection, and statistical analysis.

For additional information about the Office of Measurement and Evaluation of Teaching, located at G-33 and G-39 Cathedral of Learning, telephone 412-624-6440.