The University Center for Teaching and Learning

The The University Center for Teaching and Learning (the Teaching Center) works directly with schools, departments, regional campuses and individual faculty members to facilitate achievement of the academic goals of the University in the areas of instructional development and technology, faculty development, instructional support and distance education. In addition, the Teaching Center provides a variety of University technical services, including media, photographic, video production, and graphic services.

The Teaching Center supports the faculty development goals of schools, departments and regional campuses. University-wide services include the Teaching Excellence Workshops (workshops on teaching for faculty), the Summer Instructional Development Institute, New Faculty Orientation, the Teaching Times newsletter, and maintaining an up-to-date library of books and online resources on teaching.

Instructional designers with a background in learning theory and instructional theory are available to assist faculty with course development and revision, including preparation of course syllabi, exams, teaching strategies and learning activities, instructional materials, and the use of technology to enhance instruction. Instructional designers also provide individual teaching consultation, classroom observation with feedback, or videotape review/consultation. These services are confidential and available to all University faculty.

The Teaching Center also supports school- and department-based services for teaching assistants through New Teaching Assistant Orientation and teaching assistant training opportunities. CIDDE has worked with units across the University to develop a TA handbook entitled The Teaching Assistant Experience. (See and select "TA Handbook.")

Instructional Media Services, located in B10 Alumni Hall, telephone 412-648-7236, provides audiovisual/multimedia equipment and operators, and schedules and distributes the University's film and video collection. The Teaching Center supports the use of technology for on-campus instruction and distance learning facilities by providing faculty support, video network operations, as well as training and consultation in the use of distance education technologies. Instructional Media Services also provides training and support for the University's media equipped classrooms, and coordinates all satellite downlink teleconferencing activities on the Pittsburgh Campus.

The Faculty Instructional Development Lab, located in B23 Alumni Hall, 412-624-9706, provides a setting for project-based and ad hoc consultation on the application of technology for instruction. Web course training sessions using Blackboard (formerly CourseInfo) is available through the Teaching Center. Blackboard is course management software that functions as a "container" for online course information and documents. It also provides tools for discussion, practice quizzes with feedback, file transfers, external links, and faculty information.

For additional information about the Teaching Center, call 412-624-3335 or visit the Website at